Peer-reviewed Articles:

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Editor-reviewed Articles:

Other Publications:

  • Yaoyao Dai. 2018. “Populism and Abuse of Populism.” Tencent Dajia (Most influential self-media in China. Article has been viewed over 310,000 times).

Under Review:

Working Papers:

Works in Progress:

  • Yaoyao Dai and Burt Monroe. “Machine Biases and Where to Quantify Them.”
  • Yaoyao Dai and Benjamin Radford. “Structural Word Embeddings.”
  • Yaoyao Dai, Benjamin Radford, James Igoe Walsh, and Kaitlyn Webster. “Surveillance, Conflict, and Dissent: New Data, Methods, and Theory for the Information Era.” (Proposal Submitted for Department of Defense Basic Research Program.)
  • Yaoyao Dai and and Matt Golder. “Identifying Party Families with Cluster Analysis.”
  • Yaoyao Dai and Chiedo Nwankwor. “Anti-corruption Campaigns and Popular Support for the Government: A Survey Experiment in Nigeria.”
  • Yaoyao Dai and Luwei Luqiu. “Signaling Popularity or Strength?: Pro-government Mobilization in Hong Kong.”